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Six Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic in Bellevue, WA

When the time comes to visit a new auto mechanic in Bellevue, WA, you need to make sure you are fully informed, and that you are trusting the right people for the job. Typically, the best way to achieve both of these objectives is to ask the right questions. But how can you know that you aren’t forgetting something? Fortunately, most of what you need to know can be covered through asking only a handful of questions, and any reputable mechanic should be happy to answer them. To that end, here are six questions to ask your new auto mechanic in Bellevue, WA.

Are you fully certified?

Just as you wouldn’t trust someone to remove your appendix, defend you in court or even cut your hair without the proper certification, you should never let someone without certification work on your car. Though there are many different certification programs, ASE certification is typically the best indicator that a mechanic is fit for the job.

What kind of work do you specialize in?

Some auto mechanics are general service, while others have specialties, such as collision repair or vintage cars. Eastside German Motors, LLC specializes in German-made vehicles, and our customers tend to appreciate our vast experience and knowledge in this area. Make sure your mechanic has the proper extra training to care for your specific car or issue.

How much will this job cost?

Some mechanics only provide rough quotes, while others give highly detailed estimates. It is never a bad idea to double check and make sure the price they tell you will be the same as the one you end up paying. Any trustworthy mechanic should be happy to give that guarantee to you in writing.

How long will this job take?

When your car is in the shop, you typically have to spend more time and money on transportation. Because of this inconvenience, you have a right to know how long the repair job is expected to take. This will help you plan accordingly, as well as keep your mechanic on a fair schedule.

How could I have avoided this problem?

Some car problems simply cannot be avoided, such as being hit by a distracted driver. But many automobile issues arise from improper maintenance practices, and knowing if this was the case for you will help you avoid similar issues in the future. A little effort now can help you prevent a lot of damage (and expense, and stress) later.

Do you offer maintenance services?

While you are speaking with your mechanic about avoiding similar problems in the future, you may as well also ask them what kind of maintenance work they perform. If they offer full maintenance services, and you have been happy with their overall work and service, take the opportunity to schedule a few routine maintenance checks.

When you visit Eastside German Motors, LLC, we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Swing by or give your local auto mechanic in Bellevue, WA a call today to schedule an appointment.

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    I'm not very knowledgeable about cars and don't generally like repair shops as the prices drive me nuts.
    My Mercedes GL450 was not running right and I decided to stop here on the recommendation of a friend. The problem was quickly diagnosed and fixed in a very timely manner at a price that I felt was very reasonable.
    Thanks for the great service. I will be bringing my car back for all of my service needs.

    Bonney Lake, Washington

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