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Join the Mercedes Mileage Club with Good German Auto Maintenance in Bellevue

Mercedes makes such good cars that there are models that reach one million miles and even more! This is an excellent testament to the quality of Mercedes and the potential these vehicles have to last when you take good care of them. Eastside German Motors, LLC is a strong believer in regular auto maintenance in Bellevue for this reason. As your Mercedes gains mileage in the six figures, you earn rewards in the Mercedes High Mileage Club. Here are the details of the club so you can participate and enjoy the incentives of good auto maintenance.

Earning the milestones

Mercedes started its High Mileage Club in the early 1960s. Originally, it recognized vehicles that managed to travel hundreds of thousands of miles within short periods while still remaining functional. Owners loved the idea and enjoyed winning trinkets as their cars continued to gain mileage. It remains popular today. There are even High Mileage car shows where people get together to show off their high mileage Mercedes vehicles.

The first milestone in the High Mileage Club is 155,000 miles. Next, you pursue 312,000 miles, and the third goal is 466,000. You have two more milestones after that at 625,000 and the coveted one million mark.

The amazing thing about the High Mileage Club is that one million miles is not unrealistic. A 1970 280SE owned by George and Luzstella Koschel in Orange County, Florida is the most recent recipient of the one-million-mile award. Now at 1,019,000 miles total, the car is displayed at the Mercedes-Benz museum.

Even after making this coveted spot, people continue counting the mileage on their Mercedes. A Greek taxi driver named Gregorias Sachinidas currently owns a 1976 Mercedes 240D with an all-time record of 2.8 million miles.

Want to join?

There is no application to join and your membership is not automatic. Basically, you need to visit the High Mileage Club website and download the form for each milestone. As you meet these markers, you will fill out the corresponding form and send it to Mercedes. Your authorized mechanic or dealer needs to sign off on it so the company knows you are not being fraudulent. Once the completed application arrives at its destination, you will receive a grill badge and display certificate. This process repeats each time you reach one of the milestones.

If this sounds like a fun thing to participate in as you enjoy your Mercedes, it’s important to stay current on oil changes and other maintenance tasks. Members of the High Mileage Club swear by synthetic high mileage oil once your car gains miles, and that may be a good course of action for you, too. Hire a skilled mechanic and you may detect major issues with your car before they cause a catastrophic breakdown.

Eastside German Motors, LLC offers auto maintenance in Bellevue to help you reach the 155,000-mile mark and beyond. Call us today to give your Mercedes the best chance possible of reaching the ultimate goal of one million miles!

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    I'm not very knowledgeable about cars and don't generally like repair shops as the prices drive me nuts.
    My Mercedes GL450 was not running right and I decided to stop here on the recommendation of a friend. The problem was quickly diagnosed and fixed in a very timely manner at a price that I felt was very reasonable.
    Thanks for the great service. I will be bringing my car back for all of my service needs.

    Bonney Lake, Washington

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